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I am a Freelance Blogger, Copywriter and Ghostwriter, as well as a Ropes Course Instructor. As a Ropes Course Instructor, I see different types of teams all the time. I see good leadership and bad, I see great communication and poor communication, I see good management and bad management. I take the lessons I learn on the Ropes Course combined with research and provide you with great writing about Careers, Leadership, Team Building, Management and more.

My Services

I could sit here and spew statistics like content marketing is 111% vital to your business and 230% of businesses use content marketing to get more clients (just so you know those statistics were fake, but I don’t put fake statistics in any of my writing for your business). But, honestly, those statistics are just backing up what you already know: People read stuff online every single day. And they are looking for companies that they connect with. Will yours be one of them?

In order to use your blog to connect with potential customers and attract leads, you need to do more than just post occasionally. You will want consistent, quality posts that really connect with your target audience. 

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Are you a President, CEO,  or other important member of your company? Do you lack the time to write content for your business? I can help by providing you with ghostwritten content for your business. This content will help you and your company connect with your potential customers. The best part? You don’t have to

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Crafting compelling copy can be a challenge. If you’ve ever been staring a blank word processing document and cursing your cursor, you know what I mean. You might be thinking, there must be an easier way. Well, there is, you can hire me to write the right words for you. 

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Writing Samples

One Simple Conversation That Can Lead to Retaining Your Employees

As humans we are sort of ingrained to want success, financial stability and purpose. Many of us find these things through our careers. However, when it comes to career development, we seem to struggle to find the right words. Career Development Conversations or Lack Therof Have you ever had a conversation with your manager about

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Three Books that will Get You Out of Your Productivity Rut

Ever find yourself stuck in a rut? A rut where you just want to stay in bed, cuddle your cat, and stare at the ceiling all morning—or is that just me? If we are being honest, we all experience ruts in our lives, especially our work lives. We feel stuck and unmotivated. We lack the

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